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Stavros Flatly on Britain’s Got Talent

This is a great video and very funny!

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Funny Commercial – Snugwow!

Maybe you’ve heard of the ShamWow now comes the Snugwow!

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Everything is amazing, nobody is happy…

Here’s a great video a friend sent me today and this guy is right, we have to appreciate and be more grateful for what we have, watch:

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Getting Started with Wealth

What the wealthy teach their kids! It's hard to put into words what Robert Kiyosaki has taught me about wealth. His New York Times best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad was an amazing eye opener, shocker, epiphany

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How to be healthy overview

To me “being healthy” is doing the right things daily to live a long life! I want to be an active centurion or someone who lives past a hundred years of age! I've struggled with my weight since

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Happiness & Personal Development

Happiness & Personal Development A word and phrase that mean so much! Compare them to a wagon wheel. You and your life are the outer part of the

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About me and my goals for this site

I've always enjoyed helping and mentoring people but my motivation for building this site began in the summer of 2002. I became “free from

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Personal Development

Personal Development A phrase that means so much! Compare personal development to a wagon wheel. You and your life are the outer part of the wheel or the actual round part that

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My First Post

My life has been a journey to this point and I've only been through a few chapters in book of a long life! Join me as I reflex on past victories and defeats and the knowledge learned from these life e...

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