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Hoodia Side Effects

Manufacturers claim that there are no Hoodia Gordonii side effects in the body whenever you incorporate it in your diet. The discovery of this cactus-like plant from South Africa has gained widespread fame. It has been used by the San's Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert for centuries to suppress their hunger and thirst during week long hunting trips. Studies have shown that the molecule responsible for suppressing ones appetite is the P57 molecule from the plant, making you eat less or nothing at all during the day. During the research done by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research which studied the food consumption of these South African natives they have never recorded any known side effects of the plant in the system of these natives.


The company that has bought the rights to distribute the Hoodia Gordonii exclusively has found out in its endless hours of research that the effect of the plant had indicated adverse effects on ones liver because of other active ingredients present other than the P57 molecule. Since the P57 molecule works by mimicking the effects of glucose in the body. It tells your brain that you are full. The adverse effect in people with diabetes is that their blood sugar becomes extremely low and they are completely unaware of it until it is too late.


Others effects of appetite suppression is that you will not feel thirsty. There were unproven reports that people died of dehydration because of low moisture in the body. Other Hoodia Gordonii side effects is having an upset stomach. There are no clear causes as to why this happens but most people complain about it when they ingest the Hoodia Gordonii plant.

If you are taking other forms of medication, you should consult your doctor if is safe since the efficacy of the Hoodia will be affected. Another possible side effect when using the Hoodia is ulcer in the stomach, if you do not really feel like eating the tendency is to not eat at all. Since there is nothing in the stomach, the stomach acid has nothing to digest which might end up eating through the stomach.


Make sure that you order the Hoodia Gordonii from trustworthy and reputable companies to ensure that the supplement you order is pure. Cheap Hoodia has fillers and other ingredients that give side effects in your system. Always put in mind to consult your doctor even before incorporating the Hoodia into your diet to refrain from Hoodia Gordonii side effects.

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