Nutribullet Diet Cleanse Update 2014 and Review
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Nutribullet Diet Cleanse Update 2017

Nutribullet Diet Cleanse Update 2017


I'm back with more updates, experiences and NutriBullet recipes!

In Feb 2013 I first wrote an article NutriBullet: How I lost 10lbs the healthy way in one week! and then over time I gained the weight back!

I started eating the wrong foods and little by little over time the weight came back!

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Maybe it was boredom?

So in today I'm only 9lbs from my long time goal of 199lbs.

For six months through Labor Day weekend I generally had a Nutriblast smoothie for lunch and dinner as I was on the road a lot that summer! (I'll go into detail later how I pre-made 2-3 Nutriblasts each day and took them with me!)

My day started with three eggs and some avocado and sauerkraut per the 4 hour body focus on eating 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking each day along with drinking 16oz of ice water to “turn on your metabolism furnace.”

Then on the weekends I'd “indulge” more on a few carbs and sugars and before I knew it I was back up 10lbs!

Next: Full Body Cleanse

I had read about cleansing the body and many of them seem too extreme before I had mastered the

So for 14 days at the end of October and beginning of November I mastered the Master Cleanse 10-day Organic Kit with Book; The Complete Master Cleanse.

The kit had everything except for the lemons which I bought at a local organic grocery store.

4-5 times per day for 14 days I drank this “lemonade” made from lemon juice, grade B Organic syrup and cayenne pepper and of course water.

I know it may sound crazy reading this but after a few days it was much easier than I thought and motivated me to keep going!

NOTE: I made a conscious effort to stay away from parties and events with temptations. I was some what  “hermit” for 14 days and had great family support!

Get the kit with the book and gain the confidence, you'll be amazed at how little you can live on!

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Price: $84.00
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What's next?

I have over 18 months of Nutribullet Diet Cleanse recipes and experiences to share with everyone!


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