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Life IS So Amazing!
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Bob KarenWe've always enjoyed helping and mentoring people but our motivation for creating this website began many years ago.

We became “free from the rat race of life” and opened our minds to new areas of growth. Over the last decade we have furthered our personal development and have a new focus on life and our future.

Life Focus – Longevity

Today  we are able to enjoy life in many ways. We run a successful home based business.

A life long hobby for Bob has been photography! We dream of becoming travel photographers and as you can see his hobby applies to all passions in life.

We love to travel. This is our ideal life and we continue to work towards that day when we can move to a tropical island somewhere that has never seen snow!! (Living in the midwest most of our lives, we have seen enough :))

Lastly, we absolutely love personal development. We love learning how to make our lives better, but more importantly, how to make other people's lives better. Helping them realize their dreams again and how to go after them.

To Your Success,

Bob & Karen


No matter what you do in life never give up on your dreams and follow your passions!


For life to change you have to change, for life to get better you have to get better ~ Jim Rohn



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John Winn says

Hey Bob and Karen,

I hope this note finds you well. I am trying to find the video were the professor is describing the endocannabinoid system and uses a mobile to explain it.

Have a great week – John

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