The Four Hour Body

In 2010 I downloaded the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss from and it was life changing! I love to read but sometimes my schedule doesn't allow it so the solution is to listen to the book while working or exercising. The Four Hour Body outlined how to change my diet, use simple exercise to loss weight and become more healthy! The book is more of a “guide” as there are individual sections which stand on their own, this isn't a book you read front to back.

After listening to the book a few times I had to get the print copy! The workouts, meals, diets outlined were too much to comprehend in your mind, you need to see them on paper. So I went to Amazon and ordered a copy. You can order hard cover, Kindle or CD version at Amazon.

4 Hour Body Overview

It's hard to summarize such an extensive book but here's a start:

Four Hour Body (4HB) teaches you to:

  • eat a “slow carb” diet 6 days a week with 1 binge day to eat what you like!
  • never starve yourself or go hungry
  • choose the best exercises a few times a week, don't over do it or live at the gym!
  • use “cold pack” treatments to increase fat burning and increase your metabolism
  • take affordable basic supplements to help the process

There's so much more to cover in the book I highly encourage you to get a copy!

Getting Started: The Plan of Action

Once you read the book or maybe after a few times the light bulb will come on and you'll get anxious and motivated to get started withe the 4HB plan. So next you have to think about your daily schedule, how to plan your meals, supplements, cold treatments, calories, water intake and more. This is a very simple plan but takes a number of steps to follow!

I'm in the process of writing a plan of action or getting started guide which will be available soon!

Supplements: PAGG Stack

There are some amazing, natural supplements to help boost your metabolism and fat burning energy. Green tea and garlic extracts! Policosanol and Apha-lipoic acid from natural sources!

You can individually order Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic acid, green tea flavenols and garlic extract. I'd also suggest purchasing seven weekly pill boxes to manage your daily supplements.

If this sounds too difficult you can order a pre-made PAGG solution:

Find Four Hour Body resources on Amazon!

Click here to find more 4 Hour Body resources on Amazon here

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