When we use the words “diet menus” this meant to maintain out diet.

Paleo diet menu is also intended to keep our diet to a normal level for the maintenance of our body.

A question arises there; if purpose is to maintain our diet then why there is distinction between simple diet menu and paleo diet menu?

Are they different from one another? To understand both the terms completely we need a critical comparison between these provisions. Afterwards we will be able to differentiate then and their associated benefits. Before the comparison starts, let us clear the terms and conditions on which the judgment will be done.

  • 1st thing, which is obvious, that both the plans are beneficial for health and provide energy to human body.
  • 2nd, the need of the time is to understand that which diet plan is superior and what benefits it can provide resultantly.

So, conclusion will base on the associated benefits of both the diet plans.

Simple diet menu:

Ingredients and food combinations: This menu allows fruits, vegetables, chicken and beef, fish, low-fat dairy products, grains, some oily or fried things, low calories food, lean meet, rise, grain breads, sometimes junk food even like burgers and sandwiches.
Advantages: The main benefit of this diet menu is too loose weight because all the food allowed in this menu contains low calories in them. Instead of burger and sandwiches, all the Food stuffs are adjustable with our digestive system.Merely improves blood circulation because foods permit in this menu (oil and dairy products) are the main reason of cholesterol which makes the blood thick. Improves only digestive system, urinary and excretory system.Some eatables must be allowed in needed quantity e.g. excessive milk leads to fractures because the presence of calcium in it. Provide help to immune system after the disease attacked. Digestive system takes time to consume food of this kind and provide low energy to body.Paleo diet menu: Ingredients and food combinations: This menu only allows fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, raised meat, nuts and seeds and totally restricts the use of grains, oil and dairy products, all the junk and fried food.


Advantages: This diet menu is also useful for the purpose of losing weight. Not a single food but all the eatables stated in paleo diet menu are very suitable for digestive system and strengthen the system to work properly. Make red blood cells able to reproduce their selves rapidly, also Increase blood circulation and prevent blood clotting.

Increase the productivity of internal system and improve the efficiency of chemical reactions which take place in our body. (catabolism and anabolism)

Improves nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, excretory system, respiratory system, urinary system and other biological systems in humans. 100% skin care with this diet menu due to good circulatory system.

Safety from different kinds of diseases e.g. blood cancer, cervical cancer in women, heart attacks etc.

Extremely balanced diet (100%). All the foodstuffs are rich in contents which are favorable for the body and internal system.

Make immune system stronger by providing it energy and make it able to defend body from the attacks of awful diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart illness.

Eatables are instantly digestible which boosts the energy level of body and gives strength to bones and muscles. We can conclude from the above evaluation between simple diet menu and paleo diet menu that; firstly, both the diet plans are beneficial for health but not contain equal importance.

Simple diet is far behind than the paleo diet because linked benefits of paleo diet are excessively extra in comparison to simple diet.

Secondly, if we want to adopt most appropriate diet plan, of course it is the 2nd one.

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