Dr Joe Dispenza This is why you are not HAPPY - Life IS So Amazing!
Life IS So Amazing!
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Dr Joe Dispenza This is why you are not HAPPY

Dr Joe Dispenza has made a huge impact on my life and I've followed him for years. Dr Joe Dispenza

I first remember hearing Dr Joe Dispenza in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?! and he blew me away. He talked about a statement or intention he makes while praying and meditating. I listened over and over to the reply of that segment and transcribed it so I could recite it daily.  It reminds me of when I was taught to memorize prayers in church but this was different!

Let me type this for you from memory:

“I'm taking this time to create my day and the days ahead and I'm affecting the quantum field and universe. To the observers who are watching show me signs that you paid attention to any of these things and do it in a way that surprises me.  But make it so I have no doubt that it's come from you, so I know I'm living in the power and glory of God's unconditional love and gratitude for all there is in life”

Every time I meditate or pray I first give thanks for today and ever part of it. Then I start Dr Joe's mantra so I know spirit is paying attention before I “affect the universe.” Then I play out my vision of the future, like a canvas in the sky and you are painting an image.

The results have been amazing! At first it didn't happen as often but now I notice things everyday! No you can't wish for or intend crazy riches or losing 20lbs overnight BUT you can have that in your visions and your guides will lead you down the path.

Dr Joe Dispenza – Why you're not HAPPY

Absolute Motivation took an hour long Dr Joe Dispenza presentation and remixed it to an amazing 12 minute video everyone should watch and re watch on a regular basis!

Dr Joe Dispenza explains how you have to clear the weeds from your mind. Old thoughts, memories, emotional blocks and the past has to be pulled away.

Once the soil has been weeded now you can plant and take care of your garden. It will take many seasons and you'll have to care for it.

Consciousness is the “dirty word” scientists have proven what controls your future and your life. Or you can let life happen to you!

Making your Mind Matter – Free Video Series

Dr. Dispenza shares many examples and case studies of common people doing uncommon things, like

Dr Joe Dispenza Making your Mind Matter Free Video Series

 healing themselves of physical and emotional pain, unexplained illnesses andserious diseases. He shows you step-by-step how to design your destiny by using meditation, mental rehearsal and the latest findings in neuroscience.

Click here to learn more and watch the videos!

When you think differently, you feel differently. And the feelings bring about a new set of experiences – experiences that bring spontaneous healing, increased abundance, more joy and more peace in your life.

Dr Joe on Amazon

Dr Joe Dispenza books, movies and resources on Amazon

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