Your intentions and the new year


The new year is almost upon us. Right now is a time for rest, renewal and refining your intentions for the new year.

If you do nothing and let life happen to you, you will be part of someone else's intentions.

How do you want YOUR future play out? 

YES, you read that correct, your intentions will determine how your future will play out.

Take some time every day and envision your perfect life. Start with three major life topics and let your mind run. Grab a pen and paper or your computer and write,  let your mind run. Listen to your inner spirit and first put your intentions, goals, ideas and dreams on paper.


I start with health as so many people are wanting to get in shape, lose weight and become more healthy in the new year!

What is your first thoughts when you think about losing some weight? “Diet and exercise” are what so many people focus on but most challenging. They are opposites as you are trying to reduce caloric intake while exercising more. Sure sounds like fewer over all calories would be the answer.  But you get sore, tired and many give up in the first month!

Be careful following what other people are doing. If it was working we wouldn't have record obesity today!

Diet and what you consume

I can sum up healthy eating in a few words:

“Consume only raw fruits and vegetables, with a few nuts and clean proteins. Your body will heal itself and your energy levels will increase.”

Avoid all gluten and sugar. It may be tough at first but I promise you your taste buds change and foods taste better. You'll look to fresh fruits for fructose rather than sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

Don't drink calories. Your body is designed to chew food and break down the nutrients in your digestive track. From there calories are used by the body and distributed. Liquid calories and sugar substitutes from “diet” spike your insulin levels. This can cause weight gain and increased fat storage!

It may seem “tough” at first but don't worry, you'll love yourself and your food when you make the change!


Going outside for a walk is the best exercise you can get. You breathe fresh air, get some sun on clear days and move blood through your body. In colder climates you may need to exercise indoors but you lose the effects of being outside.

Don't over complicate exercise. You don't have to be a long distance runner or spend excess time in the gym. If you enjoy this great but we need people to get outside and walk more! 

Watch for more health, diet and exercise articles in the coming year!


Be grateful every day, all the time for being alive! Wherever you're at in life, find happiness in what you have and the people around you. Look to the future with good intentions and take action to go after your dreams!

As you learn to eat better, you'll find more happiness in how you feel and look. People will ask what you are doing and you can pay it forward! If you've been unhappy, change and people will notice and want to know what you are doing. 

We live in an amazing time with so many opportunities. You can become overwhelmed with wanting more “stuff” but remember you have life.

Create a Vision Board with photos of the “stuff” you want and the places you want to go.  But most important, envision the person you want to become. How you'll look, feel and help others!


The three pillars of our website are Happiness, Health and Abundance. Each are connected to the other and one can affect the other. 

Life was meant to be abundant but our world tells us otherwise. Remember as a child your big dreams of becoming an astronaut, President maybe a sports star. Certain people and events in life changed your mind and you became who you are today.

We are here to tell you to “change your mind back” and go after your dreams. Look at your Vision Board daily. Imagine already being in your future, the feel, smell, taste, sounds.

You can have, do or be anything in life. It starts with your dreams on paper. Then create a vision board and action plan. You don't need to know the exact steps, they will come to you in time. 

The Secret

In 2007 I watched The Secret for the first time. Since then I've listened to the audio over a hundred times and it never gets old. There are many amazing thought leaders and ideas you'll learn from. If you're looking for a charge of motivation or “wake up call” I encourage you watch or listen to The Secret today!

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Take action daily, live a healthy life and give gratitude for all you have!

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