Great way to get your back in shape and feel better!
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Great way to get your back in shape and feel better!

[amazon-product align=”right” alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B0017LAORK[/amazon-product]A couple years ago I learned about  the “Teeter” from a commercial on TV.  The Teeter is an advanced “inversion machine” that allows you to hang upside down and stretch your back and body!

The commercial got my attention right away as I don’t necessarily have back problems per say but I do work behind the computer every day and my back gets very tired, stiff and uncomfortable. I go to the chiropractor on a regular basis but I needed a way to fill the gaps between my appointments.

What is a “Teeter”?

The Teeter is a the brand name for a product called an “inversion machine/table.” The basic idea is to hang upside down or partially upside down. This allows your back and joints to stretch out and let fluids get back into your joints. Another way to think about it: It’s using gravity to stretch you out rather than compress you down!

How does this work?

Before you use the Teeter you have to adjustment it for your height. This will set the “center” or “pivot” point of the inversion machine when you tilt backwards. After you set the height you then step into the padded foot clamps and pull a release to lock in the padded foot holders at your ankles. There is also an adjustment if you are wearing shoes or not.
Once your feet are locked in place, you simply raise your arms slowly over your head and the Teeter tilts back on the pivot point, and you slowly tilt “upside down.” You can adjust and limit the amount of tile or inversion and in time work towards the full 180 or hanging fully upside down.

The next part is easy… just hang there. It only takes a few minutes and you'll feel your back and joints stretch and fluids fill up!
As you get used to this, you can combine hanging upside down with a little twisting and you’ll feel the results in no time! You can also add abdominal crunches and the results are amazing!

My purchase experience

As I said it took me a couple years to purchase a Teeter as I didn't want to spend that much money on a machine to hang upside down!

I searched online, looked occasionally at local department and sporting good stores and I looked at cheaper inversion tables but never trusted them. If I'm going to hang my body upside down I want to make sure it's top notch and well built! I also don't want to get stuck upside down! The engineering and options of the Teeter made it well worth it's price!

So over the holidays I had a nagging back ache that wouldn't go away and I decided to buy a Teeter. I got online and looked at,, and others but found the best deal on Amazon with free shipping! There was an option to pay for two day shipping but I wasn't in a hurry. The Teeter was estimated to arrive in 10-15 days which was no problem.

4 days later it was delivered to my door!                I love Amazon!

Assembly and Setup

It was easy to assemble and the tools are included in the package. They even include a DVD to help with assembly, use and instructions.

Final Thoughts

My wife and kids all enjoy the “Teeter.” Sometimes you don't know how bad you feel till you try something and feel better? Over time your back gets a little stiffer and less comfortable. Then you try the inversion and whow!

Our kids also love the Teeter think it's “so cool.” 🙂

Another bonus: For years I’ve heard and been told that daily meditation is good for you but it’s hard to make the time to just sit and meditate and/or listen to soothing music. When you are hanging upside down it’s a new world and it’s really quite relaxing and great meditation!

More and more people find themselves working behind a desk all day and even those who are on their feet or in more labor intensive jobs will find a full body stretch daily does a body good!

I encourage you to check it out and you can buy one here at Amazon

[amazon-product align=”right” alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]B0017LAORK[/amazon-product]

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