Sungazing for Weight Loss and Increased Energy


Discover the power of sun gazing for weight loss and longevity

I was amazed and intrigued when I watched Eat the Sun documentary about sungazing on GAIA TV. I learned sun gazing is nothing new and has been practiced for centuries. Many cultures and religions endorse sungazing back to the Egyptian and Greek cultures.

Eat the Sun interviews people across the country, from all walks of life who sun gaze. There are also details about ancient civilizations beliefs on sun gazing even early christianity.

Why are people Sungazing?

Some of the remarkable results from sun gazing are:

  • loss of appetite
  • increase energy
  • sleeping less
  • superhuman powers

All sun gazers report a loss of appetite and healthy weight loss. It makes sense when you think about it. We eat to gain energy from our food, but sungazers get their energy from the sun so they don't feel the need to eat.

To the same point, you're increasing your energy levels from the sun which means you don't need to sleep as much. Imagine you are eating and sleeping less but have more energy.

Of course you'd feel like you have superhuman powers!

How long can you stare at the sun?

Do not stare at the sun without understanding the process, it could cause eye damage! Sun gazers only look into the sun at the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The UV rays and intensity are lower and less intense. You start by looking at the sun for 10 seconds and increase by 10 seconds a day. The HRM method takes about 9 months to reach 44 minutes and then you are done. You have reached the greatest benefits and fully understand the powers of sungazing.

HRM Sungazing Hira Ratan Manek

HRM is an extreme and amazing case for sun gazing. He's an Indian man living in the US who is over 70 years old. He's been sungazing for decades and he claims to have stopped eating solid foods since 1995. He survives only on water, tea, coffee, broths and sun gazing. He's had doctors study every part of him showing amazing results. He's even gone on a water-only fast for over 400 days. He gives all the credit to sun gazing! Sun Gazing for Spiritual Transformation

During the documentary Eat The Sun, they hired an investigator to follow HRM. They claim to have found him eating some food at an Indian restaurant. Not a big deal as it's too far out there to NEVER eat food again. But I agree if he's telling people he's not eating and catch him eating, that's a problem!

Sun Gazing Health Benefits

As you may be thinking the medical community will disagree and tell you gazing at the sun can harm your eyes. We are told you shouldn't be in the sun from 10 am to 3 pm. Don't go into the sun without sunscreen. I agree the sun can be harmful with today's diet and lifestyle. IF the sun caused cancer humans wouldn't have survived this long!

Lose your desire to eat food

Everywhere you turn there's a new diet, eat this, don't eat this, exercise.

Where have you heard of a way to lose your desire to eat food?

If you lost or reduced your appetite, it would be easy to lose weight and only consume the best foods!

Superhuman Abilities

I have not sun gazed long enough to say I've had superhuman abilities. I can say for the short times I have you do feel different. More energized and more alert. No longer do I feel the need for an afternoon nap.

Sun Gazing Pineal Gland Benefits

Superhuman powers are often connected to the Pineal Gland in your brain. It makes sense the sun rays enter your eyes and activate, stimulate and improve your pineal gland abilities. Many feel their superhuman abilities and ability to eat less are a direct connection to their pineal gland.

How to Sun Gaze

  • Only sun gaze once a day.
  • Choose sunrise or sunset when their are lower UV rays and intensity
  • Make sure you are grounded to the earth. Barefoot on dirt or rocks. Avoid shoes, concrete, grass, etc. Be a conduit from the sun rays into the earth like you're a plant.
  • Start day 1 with 10 seconds and journal EVERYTHING
  • Add 10 seconds a day with the goal being 44 minutes in about 9 months
  • There will be rainy days or winter etc.. so your time may differ, it's ok!

Focus on the belief sungazing will improve your life

Our belief system is what got us to this day. IF you doubt this will work, you'll likely only make it a few days. IF you believe this will harm your eyes, it likely will. IF you believe you will die without eating, you will.

Faith comes after knowledge

(but don't be stupid)

  • It's been proven we can live without eating.
  • It's been proven we can improve our eyesight with sun gazing.
  • It's been proven people have more energy and superhuman powers with sungazing.

So don't try sungazing with uncertainty or doubt. Assume the best and expect the best results!

  • IF you feel it's not for you STOP.
  • If you feel it's hurting your eyes STOP.
  • No one is forcing you to do this!

The knowledge written here is to empower you to reach a new level in life!

Find new ways to add energy to your life. Live a more healthy and abundant life. Think outside the box to increase your longevity!

As Mason says in the documentary “remember the world once thought earth was flat.”

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Disclaimer:  do not ever stare directly into the sun due to the possibility of eye damage and blindness. it is at your own risk that you would participate in such an activity.


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