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Eight weeks ago I started my raw food vegan diet and the results have been amazing!

I have to admit I've been 98% vegan, once in a while I've had salmon, shrimp or a grass fed burger. I'm not worried about animal protein if I know where it's sourced from and I keep it as a “weekly treat.” I'm not avoiding animal protein or being a Vegan forever, just till I get my body cleansed and reach my weight reduction goals!

In 8 weeks I've dropped 14 pounds just by changing my eating and really no daily exercise to speak of. I generally walk my dog for 30 minutes once a day but I don't do any strenuous exercise.

My daily eating and supplement routine

I start my day with fair trade organic coffee, fresh brewed in my Bunn coffee maker.

I highly recommend as the water is heated BEFORE the brewing process starts which makes better coffee!

As I wait for it to brew I drink 32oz of  water bottle and take my daily EBV cleaning supplements:

Next I fill my Nutribullet with a little spinach or kale in the bottom, a large amount of celery, some asparagus and then a banana, blueberries and spirulina. I do vary the fruit but the goal is to get my daily celery and asparagus for gut health EBV cleansing

Generally I'm good till lunch time drinking more water every hour.

At lunchtime I actually build two salads so one is ready to go for dinner.

My base salads always start with spinach then some lettuce hearts, kale or the weekly mixed greens we find at the store or farmers market. Next it's a mixture of broccoli, celery, cucumber, squash, zucchini, beets, mushrooms… basically what looks good that week and I mix it up.

I make BIG salads that look huge but this helps if you have a big appetite and don't worry about calories the cleansing power of raw fruits and vegetables is amazing!

Salad dressings are the one area I need to improve upon. I still use “organic” dressings from the store and I should make my own.. But in time 🙂

If I feel like snacking I eat oranges, apples, bananas or any fruit I can take with me on the run or when I'm working.

I'm really trying to avoid fat during the cleans so I stay away from nuts or any “gluten free” products as there are just as many additives/preservatives.

Late night I do get the urge to snack and if I'm feeling like a treat I'll have some natural peanut butter but again be careful there are a lot of calories and fat in peanut butter!

I follow this eating plan 5-6 days a week and generally go out with friends for dinner one night a week. I prefer a Mexican or Indian restaurant to stay as close to my diet as possible!

What has been your experience with the Raw Food Diet?

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