Healing EBV with Herbs and Supplements
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Recommended EBV Herbs & Supplements

Healing EBV with Herbs and Supplements

Recommended Healing EBV Herbs and Supplements

Below is a list of herbs and supplements suggestions from the book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal.

I first read the book in November 2015 and started taking the top 5 supplements listed below with great results but it took time for the results to manifest and I'm still seeing results after 90 days!

These supplements are somewhat listed in order of importance and can further strengthen your immune system and aid your body in healing from the virus’s effects:

Cat’s claw: herb that reduces EBV and cofactors such as strep A and strep B.
Silver hydrosol liquid: lowers EBV viral load. Zinc: strengthens the immune system and protects the thyroid from EBV inflammation.
Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin drops (as methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin): strengthens the central nervous system.
Licorice root drops: lowers EBV production and strengthens the adrenals and kidneys.
Lemon balm liquid: antiviral and antibacterial. Kills EBV cells and strengthens the immune system.
5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate): helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system.
Selenium: strengthens and protects the central nervous system.
Red marine algae: powerful antiviral that removes heavy metals such as mercury and reduces viral load.
L-lysine: lowers EBV load and acts as a central nervous system anti-inflammatory.
Spirulina (preferably from Hawaii): rebuilds the central nervous system and eliminates heavy metals.
Ester-C: strengthens the immune system and flushes EBV toxins from the liver.
Nettle leaf: provides vital micronutrients to the brain, blood, and central nervous system.
Monolaurin: antiviral; breaks down EBV load and reduces cofactors.
Elderberry: antiviral; strengthens the immune system.
Red clover: cleanses the liver, lymphatic system, and spleen of neurotoxins from EBV.
Star anise: antiviral; helps destroy EBV in the liver and thyroid.
Curcumin: component of turmeric that helps strengthen the endocrine system and central nervous system

I highly recommend the liquid drops for these supplements when available. Daily I add the drops to my water bottle and drink my supplements so they can be absorbed from my mouth down to my stomach.

I also prefer Starwest Botanicals Organic Spirulina Powder, 1-pound Bag so I can add it to my daily NutriBullet Green Smoothie blender daily

I'm also a big fan of the healing teas which I'll write about soon!

What are your favorite supplements? Comment below

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