Join our 100 Day Challenge for Happiness Health & Wealth
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Join our 100 Day Challenge! Happiness, Health and Wealth

100 Days will change your life forever!

This is my personal belief and today I've started a 100 day challenge to forever change my Happiness, Health and Wealth!

I'm sure many of you have done a challenge in the past, maybe a 5 or 7 day cleanse? Others a 30 day fitness challenge or 90 day challenge to focus and grow your business.

I've heard “it takes 21 days to create or change a habit” but it doesn't always work for me. I think 21 days is fair to create a new habit but what about life long habits like eating, exercise or managing your finances/business?

I've posted my 100 Day Challenge ideas here:  100 Day Challenge

Join me on my 100 Day Challenge!

There's no cost, no special software, just people coming together to talk about their challenge and get feedback from others. At first we'll use email but as we grow we'll create a private Facebook Group.

For now follow our Facebook page here:  Facebook Life Is So Amazing Page

I have some BIG goals for my 100 Day Challenge and I'm hitting all the major categories: Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Reading and helping others find freedom from the rat race of life!

100 Days NO mistakes or start over.. sort of

It's my belief if you choose one topic for your 100 day challenge and you make mistakes for days in a row… you need to start over.

In my personal 100 day challenge I know there will be “cheat days” on my diet and some days you'll need more rest from exercise BUT the focus is on the end goal and lifestyle you want to lead!

Start with your end goals in mind!

Many people can accomplish a 7 or 30 day goal because their life is to crazy, others will drive themselves through 100 days but will they stick to it?

I think the secret is to take quiet time EVERY DAY and meditate about already being in your “perfect lifestyle,” career, relationship, house, weight etc…

It's ok to Day Dream about why you are doing this 100 day challenge, it's there to keep you going on the days that are tough!

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A “work in progress”

As we learn new ideas and rebound from setbacks we'll update and change our guide page here: 100 Day Challenge

Let us know any ideas or questions you may have.

To your success!


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