Bulletproof Coffee, What is it?


Bulletproof coffee is not a new coffee brand nor an introductory Bulletproof Coffee New Locationsflavor in Starbucks. It is yet another subtopic from the numerous diet names included in the codex of diet literature.

Bulletproof coffee is hitting diet fads in many countries. In the advent of weight gain mixed with body morph consciousness prevailing in our looking-self society, the morphing of diet names are never left behind. From a person’s name (Atkin’s), to a summer destination (south beach), a clinic (Mayo), a geologic era (Paleo) to a name of a specialized vest. The unique names of each put a colorful play in the games of human dieting. Talking about a specialized vest, has anyone tried a coffee? Yes, the black less sugar, creamy, buttery called the bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee what? Are we under attack in our breakfast tables and we need to save our coffees mugs from bullet rains?

Fortunately no. It is just another food choice paradigm that speaks about shielding ourselves from a particular diet misfortune called hunger pangs. Who would like to feel hungry? In my profession and lifestyle where I need to be to and fro plus meeting deadlines altogether, food deprivation is a no-no. The main title of the Bulletproof coffee came from the Bulletproof diet. The basic concept about the previously mentioned Six types of meatdiet is keeping one on the road map to the diet with a selection of important check points. These are the bullets which highlights the right fats and proteins to consume— at the right amount, in the right place at the most appropriate time.

Until I realized that the main idea of Bulletproof coffee is not its shielding properties but its “bulleting” properties.

This approach focuses on two main bullets; the quantity and quality of proteins and fats in the diet.

So yeah, like other diet approaches, Bulletproof diet is a low-carb genre. But bulletproof diet is more calculated and mathematical in a way. Given the integral means of what type ? What kind? How much? How proportioned? How hot? How cold.

Bulletproof coffee on the other hand introduces butter into the table. The idea of putting a fat-filled breakfast is basically on suppressing appetite.

Fats or lipids are natural appetite suppressants. They shut the craving centre in the brain by releasing a hormone called cholecystokinin and leptin. And if you shut the craving centre at breakfast, tendency is you will lose your appetite for the whole day! Thus you will eat less carbs but more protein.

There are several debates regarding the role of bulletproof coffee as an appetite suppressant. As a doctor, I say its contradictory. Coffee is acidic and thus it simulates cravings, however butter releases a hormone that keeps someone from eating more. I think the idea just cancel each other out. At least for the the bulletproof coffee but the the bulletproof diet all in all. >>.Click Here for More Reads on Bulletproof Diet<<<<<

Subsequently, the bulletproof diet is just a derivation of the old equation : less carbohydrates=more ketosis.

Sugar produces insulin which forms fats. While protein just break down to its ketone forms. how bulletproof coffee worksHowever, too much protein is also very dangerous to the kidney. Bulletproof diet tries to address that. We bullet or categorized the food we eat especially fats and proteins based on important factors. It is not wrong to try, but I suggest to ask your doctors first before trying any diet. Many people are getting crazy about. For some, they claimed to loose a lot of weight. The principle is basic, butter suppresses appetite. In turn, coffee speeds up metabolism.

In the end, it is nice to look good but it looks better to be healthy.

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