Foods That Makes Skin Glow


Skin glow is hard not to notice. I mean seriously, are you one of those who are more interested with Melania Trump's looks than her potential political career?

Why are celebrities able to maintain their skin glow?  What keeps them glowing despite their busy schedules? When we talk about glow, we are not pertaining to bling bling or expensive jewelries but rather the inner glow that radiates within. Permeating to the outermost layer of the skin called epidermis. But why is it that the discourse of glowing skin created so much fuss not only in the media but on the medical world as well?

Just some statistics. Google search analytic gave us a rough preview that the total number of people searching for the key word glowing skin (specifically foods that make skin glow) are thousands a month. Imagine the fuss on this beauty entity. The business world took advantage of it. That is the main reason why the beauty industry is a very good venture for entrepreneurs. Millions of men and woman around the world are spending millions of dollars in the search of how to make their skin glow.  Little did everyone know that the panacea of this triviality is just within our reach. It is found in the heart of anyone’s refrigerator!

However, not everybody has healthy food choices. That affects the food culture of the family that stems from the contents of the grocery bag to the last carbon molecule produced in the Kreb cycle.

In principle, we are what we eat.

The breakdown of foods through metabolism produces either the good guys or the bad guy. For this blog post, I am more concerned of talking about the good guys. These are the essential nutrients we get from our daily nourishmentvitamin E skin glow.

Instead of hoarding on synthetic Vitamin E’s, why not go natural? Synthetic Vitamin E’s stay in the blood stream for too long.

That’s is dangerous to blood circulation. Avocados, almond, olive oils, dark chocolates, name them all! They are the best treat to the skin! Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that destroys free radicals that causes wrinkles. But Vitamin E is not only limited to beautiful skin. It is also a precursor to different important processes in the human body! Taking for example the formation of certain hormones and synapses in the brain. Without Vitamin E, there will be a lag in whole autonomic process of the body!

Vitamin C. My favorite vitamins when I was younger. Why? All fruit juices claim they have it!

But all they have are enormous amounts of sugars that makes one a candidate to diabetes.  I can name a hundred natural sources of Vitamin C. These are the more common ones however. Apples, citrus fruits, honey and all green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin C is the pep antioxidant and a powerful one at that! People who are loaded with vitamin C have patent Vitamin C skin glow
immune defenses and a very good lymphatic clearance. Vitamin C detoxifies the body and kills cancer cells as well!

Who would forget about Vitamin A.

It’s like the first vitamin I remembered with its functions. It’s the eye vitamin according to my mom and my preschool teacher! And indeed it is. The best sources of Vitamin A are still our green leafy vegetables. Yellow fruits and vegetables especially carrots also provide a good amount of retinol or vitamin A.

Minerals! They could be precious to miners and land engineers altogether.  But it is not the same mineral needed by the body. Of course.

The essential nutrient minerals are needed to sustain our miners and engineers alike. These group of nutrients are the master controller of the body. From the wincing of the face to the beating of the heart, our dear pal named mineral takes the driver’s seat. All sea foods are rich in Iodine. These are good for the thyroid gland and the production of growth hormones. Fruits and vegetables are teeming with minerals! FigsFig skin glow, bananas and guavas are super rich in potassium. Spinach is rich in Calcium,Phosphorus and Magnesium. Onions are garlic are rich in Zinc. Lean meat is full of iron and folic acid. Name it, all the right foods we eat are all packed with the elements that sustains life! Perfect in keeping our skin glow!

Proteins are either from animal meat or from fruits and vegetables. There are alternative forms of meat that are very rich in protein as well like Chinese Tofu or  bean curd. Milk is also a very good source of protein as well as soy milk and soy beans.


Although I am an advocate of an all natural diet, there are also several vitamins that need laboratory intervention. That is because they are washed off easily by several external forces like heat and water.

Vitamin B for example is readily destroyed by cooking. So it is also good to take Vitamin B complexes. They are so important in the formation of new blood cells and amino acids in the body. There are some good Vitamin B complex supplements in the market as well. I have my personal choices like the following. 

Glutathione peroxidase is now a laboratory derived antioxidant.  And it is called the master antioxidant.

But it is naturally found in a young human liver but as we age, we deplete our glutathione levels. It is the secret to skin glow  to most of our celebrities.  Thanks to the advancement in medicine, we may now avail glutathione peroxidase both in capsule and IV form. Doctors would normally prescribe this to patients with liver cirrhosis. The whitening and glowing power is just a side effect of the drug, not its main purpose. The main purpose of such is the restoration of the scarred liver. Find my Personal Choices of Glutathione Peroxidase

I can mention all the best foods in the world including the corresponding nutrients it contains. The main denominator however is our own choices. We may have the money to buy them but if we hate eating them then it is futile. We may eat fruits all the time but we still love to drink alcohol then we are just destroying the same nutrients that should serve to detoxify our bodies.

The love hate relationships in our choices of food all boils down to us.

Our main goal in achieving optimum well being relies much in our psyche than anything else. It does not need this blog nor the advises from Dr OZ or what have you. The celebrity stars are there not to tell you their secrets of a glowing skin because they have a job to do. They are paid to deceive us that another pill or a form of meditation serves us the elixir of beauty.

But you want to know a real secret? Okay. I will tell you. There is no such thing as a single ultimate elixir of eternal beauty.  But there are thousands of right food choices that help us achieve it.


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