About me and my goals for this site
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About me and my goals for this site

layoutimageI've always enjoyed helping and mentoring people but my motivation for building this site began in the summer of 2002. I became “free from the rat race of life” and opened my mind to new areas of growth in 2003 but first let me give you some history. I registered the domain name LifeIsTooBusy.com in the late 90's when my kids were young and our life was crazy!

In the early 90's I joined the computer networking and Internet technologies field. I'd always had a love for computers and I spent a lot of time in school working on computers and programming. At this time I had been married for a few years and my daughter was 6 months old.

I started in sales, became sales manager and eventually VP of Sales and Marketing all within 5 years! I was earning over six figures and we were on top of the world but then came the new millennium. Then in 2001 the computer industry slowed to a stop and eventually crashed!

After many successful years in the technology industry my company was down-sized and sold! I was burnt out and upset after working so many hard years to see it all go away with the down-turn in technology and the rapid decline of the stock market.

I decided that was my last “job” and I was going to start my own business. I looked at the technology sector but knew it was not a good time to start in the technology business.

I've always been a “Health Nut” so I looked at the health and wellness industry. I found a company with an amazing product, great compensation plan and the timing was perfect, no one knew about it! My wife, kids and I tested it and we were amazed. So off we went with a home-based health and wellness business. Over the next couple years I learned so much about health, wealth and personal development. So much it almost angered me why we didn't learn this in school or from our parents and peers!

I realized though that few people know what we will share with you here. Some won't believe what I will share but these are proven lessons and ideas that have not only worked for me but many others. I challenge you to challenge your existing thoughts and beliefs for the slight chance there may be a better idea out there can could totally change your life forever.

They have for me and my family!

To your success,

Bob Randklev
[email protected]

About the Author Bob

Energy healer and natural health advocate with a passion for living life to the fullest! Husband, dad and photographer who loves to travel! Website Design and Digital Marketing guru at CyberInnovation.com

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