What happened to happiness in life?


Have we lost the true meaning of Happiness?

Happiness is a foundational part of life. Without happiness life kind of sucks. If you sit down, close your eyes and ask yourself what makes you happy, I think you’ll be surprised. Do you think of people, places, things? Job, kids, family, situations that surround your life?

This is why you struggle with happiness!
Take another 5 minutes, relax and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath and ask your spirits what is true happiness. They will respond in many ways to let you know happiness begins with life!
Every day you wake up, be happy, not everyone does. Be happy for all that’s around you and all you have. Spend time in quiet meditation every day and hear the sounds around you, the birds, the clock, the cars going by. Maybe it’s the kids or neighbors but be happy for them!

Life was meant to be happy, healthy and abundant.

We humans mess it up with being unhappy and ungrateful for silly things. We overlook what we should be happy about.
Take some time today at work, at a park, at a mall, coffee shop or whatever. Just take time to listen to all that’s going on around you and be amazed at the world you live in.
Sure there may be things you want to change or improve in life. But you will slow down your abilities to achieve them if you don’t love life first! Love all that’s around you, create happiness by appreciating the little things in life.

Learn to meditate daily.

Simply stop, relax you and your mind. Close your eyes and let your spirits talk to you. At first it may be tough as you have so many spirits who want to help. Over time your strongest guides will come forth and you’ll be amazed at the wisdom you gain my meditating daily.
Be sure to create a separate journal for your meditation time either by hand or type. It will become a book you can review and be amazed at your progress over time. This is actually me journaling after my meditation time this morning. You can to!

To learn more about meditation and YOUR psychic abilities, read these great books!


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