Happiness & Personal Development
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Happiness & Personal Development

Happiness & Personal Development

A word and phrase that mean so much!

Compare them to a wagon wheel. You and your life are the outer part of the wheel or the actual round part that rolls along on the ground.

The spokes are the supports that keep the wheel round and the length of the spokes are proportional to your balance for the particular spoke. Each spoke represents your faith, self-confidence, determination, drive and motivation but they also represent your family, friends, lifestyle and more.

If one spoke or spokes are longer or shorter than the others you will not “roll through life” in a smooth manner. You will feel like you have a flat spot in your life. Maybe your entire life is flat? 🙂

Personal development is not a destination but a life long journey. You constantly have to open and expand your mind with books, mentors, coaches and your beliefs or faith. YOU have to list what's most important to you and measure the length of the spokes in your life to see where you need to work!

Reading is a MUST in life. The vast majority of people quit reading books or advancing their training after high school or college and it's tragedy for people today! You have to set a daily goal to get at least 30 minutes of personal development via reading a book or listening to an audio or working with a mentor.

It's so easy now with books on tape and now the new Amazon Kindle. Click to visit the bookstore on our site to get started!

Jim Rohn is an amazing life/business philosopher and I recommend this to anyone who wants to start turning their life around!

The Art of Exceptional Living

Get the book and other great titles from Jim Rohn by clicking here…>>

Get a coach!

There are many great mentors in every community! You must have someone to talk to and share ideas with. It could be a pastor in your church or find a pastor in a church! There are business and life coaches in every city across the country just search or ask for referrals.

Unfortunately to often your family or friends will tell you how you are crazy to try anything new or it won't work, etc. Don't take it personally they still love you but they are not connected with where you want to go! Hopefully someday they will see the light and follow in your footsteps but don't try to force anyone. Send them to this site to learn more!

If you'd like a personal reference for a coach email me and I'll put you in touch with a number of people across the country!

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