A simple way to eliminate disease, get healthy and lose weight


If you found a simple solution to eliminating most major diseases which would extend your life and bring you more energy and weight loss… would you do it?

This video from Dr Terry Wahls is so important for people to watch… and be sure to listen for the part when she say's

“I'm the canary in the mine…”

The answer is so simple yet hard for people to believe… why?

Since the food pyramid was updated in the mid 90's our country has seen record obesity and disease.

Sit back for a moment and think about the advances in technology, computers and the research in the medial field… but there's more fear of illness, vaccinations, health care costs.

Health care is big business and the baby boomer population is at or near retirement.

Why would the health care business want people to get healthy?

I'm not “anti-medical” but we have to put as much time and effort into learning how to heal our bodies than treat it with more chemicals and drugs!

Get your greens every day!

Dr Wahl's explained it very well: you need to eat 2-3 heaping plates of greens each day. This includes kale, spinach, broccoli and many other down to seaweed.

Why? because they come from our earth full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients! An easy way to put raw greens into your diet is with a NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer System.

You simply add raw vegetables and some fresh or frozen fruit to the blender cup, add some water and pulverize to a smoothie like drink that's very refreshing, filling and will make you feel amazing!

For a lot of people, simply drinking one or two NutriBullet smoothies a day will improve your health and help you lose weight!

But I've heard raw vegetables aren't good for you?Mitochondria

Yes there are some doctors and researchers who have gone a step further to focus on internal “inflammation” which contributes to aging and ultimately your death!

In his book The Bulletproof Diet: Lose up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life David Ausprey explains many plants/vegetables have “anti-nutrients” which deter animals, bugs and humans from eating the plants. It's kind of their “self defense” system or Kryponite as Dave calls it.

Yes these raw vegetables have great sources of vitamins and nutrients but he stresses that it's no good if what you eat cause inflammation and ultimately “brain fog.”

The Bulletproof Diet suggests you steam or lightly cook your vegetables, never eating them raw to overcome most of the anti-nutrients and Kryptonite.

Either way you're probably getting more veggies than you are now!

The importance of grass feed meats and wild fish/seafood

I can't begin to cover it all here but bottom line but first and foremost are the “additives” given to farm raised animals to get them to market quicker, with more meat and avoiding sickness.

Another way to say it is cattle, hogs, turkey and chicken are given growth hormones to get them to market quicker and make them fatter. Guess what happens if this comes through the meat to humans… maybe they get fatter?

There's also antibiotics, steroids etc… I get it and I know why farmers have to do it… to keep costs down.

So I'm not blaming farmers!

How Omega 3 will change and extend your lifeomega-3-and-6-oils

If you disagree or forget what I said about how animals are raised then pay close attention here.

Animals were and still are vegetarians and primarily live on GREEN grass and other plants which are high in Omega 3 oils.

Fish who eat green plants and seaweed also get their Omega 3 from what they eat.

So eating grass fed meats and wild fish/seafood will give you more Omega 3 in your diet!

Farm raised animals and now farm raised fish/shrimp are feed mainly corn by products and very little green so they are high in Omega 6.

The past 20 years or so, the human diets have dropped Omega 3 and increased Omega 6… during the same time period as our record obesity and health declines!

Eat two or three plates of greens every day with some fruit and grass fed meats

It's that's easy, one sentence but I know it's tough out there!

Watch for more updates on how to shop at your local grocery store and finding the right restaurants to eat at.

Here are links to the book and items mentioned in this article.

Dr Wahls book

Bulletproof Diet

NutriBullet Diet

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