Anthony William Medical Medium Vegan Raw Food Diet


Anthony William Medical Medium and the Vegan Raw Food Diet

After reading the Medical Medium by Anthony William and his recommendations for restoring your health, I realized he's basically talking about the Vegan Raw Food Diet.
There's no way to summarize or do justice to an entire book in one article but here's one big takeaway!
Eat raw fruits and vegetables daily avoiding all dairy, fats, and proteins like beef, chicken, fish, etc..
So basically we are eating Vegan and Raw Food Diet combined!

What is a Vegan Raw Food Diet or Raw Veganism?

Basically Vegan means you avoid consuming any meat, fish, dairy products including eggs! Right away some of you will think “where do I get my protein”.. don't worry you'll get plenty of protein from plants like spinach and spirulina. Think about it for a moment “how do cows get protein?”

Raw Food Diet Meal Plan

It's pretty easy to create a raw food diet meal plan, simply purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from your local market or grocery store. From there get creative, cut up some fruit and veggies, mix in a bowl and eat! You can add some honey, vinegar, balsamic, etc. but get creative!
If you on the go take some fruit and veggies with you! How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease

Raw Food Detox Diet

I chuckle when people use the word “detox” with raw food, why doesn't everyone realize to heal and fix your body, you need to eat raw foods from the earth! That's how you stay clean and healthy!
Raw foods are excellent foods for repairing your gut flora, digestive tract and your internal organs! Although pizza, desserts, pop and other sugary, fat full foods sound good, they reek havoc on your internal organs! The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss (Raw Food Series Book 1)
Warning this part will get graphical
I'm not a doctor and I don't recommend, treat or diagnose but it's not hard to understand if you mess up your gut and the digestive acids, you won't be able to process food properly. Complete Body Cleansing: Lymph detox, juicing cleanse, parasite flush, kidney purification, liver detox, and more (The Healthy Detox and Strong Immunity Series)
Next, the food is pushed into the intestines and again cannot be processed and many people have large build-ups in their colon… YUCK!
I've read reports people have 10-30 even 50+ lbs of build up in their colons alone!
Now your colon cannot absorb minerals, vitamins, and nutrients because of the build-up in the lining.
The nutrients you’ve eaten are going out the bottom into the toilet not helping you!

The fix, the cure, the secret

Everyone is looking for the cure but not taking the time to look at the cause!
Consuming the wrong food and drink over time can harm your gut and it’s the power to process and break down nutrients from the foods we eat. The problems then continue all the way through your digestive tract. Now your body is in danger of breaking down, catching an illness, less energy, aches, and pains, etc..
Your body is basically weak because you aren’t getting the proper nutrients to heal and sustain.

Long term detox and healing plan

It took years for your health to decline so it only makes sense it could take that long to recover. You’re not going to do a week or month detox and reverse years of abuse to your body, it’s going to take time… but not forever!
I’ve decided my health and longevity of life is more important than the taste of the food I eat. So I’ve decided to each primarily raw fruits and vegetables and avoid all meat and dairy products.
I can hear some of you groaning already “I can’t give up…..” yes you can, for a year or two? It could save your life!

What is a raw food diet?

In the morning I make coffee or tea while drinking a 20oz bottle of water with a number of cleansing/detox supplements.
I create a green smoothie using my NutriBullet N12-1001 Pro Plus, One Size, Grey and generally use spinach, kale, celery, carrot, 1/2 banana, tablespoon of Spriulina and blueberries or strawberries to top it off.
Lunch and dinner are BIG salads with you name it from spinach, kale, lettuce, arugula, bock choy, etc.. then I add mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, broccoli and more! I love to add beets, olives, and even some fresh berries! Top them off with Avacado and some oil & vinegar or your favorite organic salad dressing.
I have snacks anytime I want to! Examples are raw fruits, celery, peppers etc..
My “cheats” are nuts and peanut butter but be careful as the fat and calorie contents can slow down your detox.
It’s really that simple and in one sentence:Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Hormones, Detoxification, Super Immunity, Reversing Calcification, and Total Rejuvenation

“Strive to eat raw fruits and vegetables, over 95% of the time EVERY day!”

So far every few weeks I’ll “binge” and have some veggie pizza or a grass-fed burger or shrimp/fish tacos when we are out. I think Mexican and Indian restaurants offer a good choice for Vegan eating but there are many others.
Do you have ideas, questions or comments? Share below

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3 thoughts on “Anthony William Medical Medium Vegan Raw Food Diet”

  1. He doesn’t say to eat a vegan diet 95% of the time at all. He certainly says to avoid dairy for one, but eating “free from hormones, antibiotics etc” fish and beef and chicken is quite acceptable. His books specify which foods and additives to avoid. He is very clear on that.

    1. Thanks for the comments Nelson,

      I sit here looking back when I read that book and made the post I was practicing 95% Vegan. Then as time went by I started eating more animal products and my weight starting coming back (slowly) and my energy started going down.

      Then this year I started eating more Vegan again and my weight drops, health improves and more energy.

      You are correct, it’s all about what we put in our mouths and how it’s filtered through our bodies!

  2. Hit the nail Square on the head with this in your article:

    Consuming the wrong food and drink over time can harm your gut and it’s power to process and break down nutrients from the foods we eat. The problems then continue all the way through your digestive track. Now your body is at danger of breaking down, catching illness, less energy, aches and pains etc..

    Your body is basically weak because you aren’t getting the proper nutrients to heal and sustain.

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