Silver Hydrosol: Antibiotic Superhero


I have been recently flooded with questions regarding the effectiveness of silver hydrosol- the antibiotic superhero according to many.

In medicine, we call it colloidal silver  or just silver hydrosol due to its solid mix liquid property.  The only known purpose of silver hydrosol i know of is its role in chemotherapy. Well silver is a very important element used in the metallurgical industry. But it is rather unusual, including me as a doctor, to consider silver in the list of the essential drugs approved by the WHO. But the issue here is either the former use of the drug versus its current relevant usage.

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silver colloid

Many people are claiming that colloid silver is a very effective supplement in fighting diseases from a simple infection to a dreaded cancer.

And one amazing thing  about it is that it does not demand sophisticated mode of induction but rather thru the conventional oral route.

To date, there is a substantial lack of randomized controlled study yet affirming the therapeutic extent of the drug. But there is a certain biochemical process that affirms the potent defense reaction of silver hydrosol to foreign bodies including bacteria.

The confirmation of its effectiveness was first drawn from its antibiotic properties. Bacteria are the main culprit in human infection. Bacteria grows very fast due to the nutrients provided by the human body, if it were able to enter a host. This process is called cell replication and proliferation. Silver colloid is known to activate cytokines primarily to induce immune system defenses against the replicating bacteria. As to what specific reaction is still unknown today. However, it could be the paralyzing capability of silver colloid to the invading cell. It destroys rapid cell replication and proliferation by programming cell death.

The more familiar yet debilitating abnormally and rapidly growing cell in the body are cancer cells. They grow 5-7 times faster than the normal human cell. That is why cancer cells turn into a tumor-like appearance in many cases.

Cancer Cells

Silver does the same thing with the highly replicating cancer cell. It destroys it. First, it damages the ribosomal
units which are important in the transport of cell energy. This is the principle behind the effective mechanism of the drug to both cancer cells and bacteria.

However, nowadays, there is an increasing positive claims about the use of the drug.

It is not only limited to some disease entities but encompasses even chronic illnesses. Lupus, diabetes and infertility include the list of indications.

The problem with this drug is the insufficient data that supports its safety and morbidity stats.  What about in 5 or 10 years?

Will there be any organic effect of the drug that is detrimental to health? But as far as intensive medical research is concerned, trials has yet to be done.

But the list continues to those who are very happy with the results.

Cancer for example is a dreaded disease which needs urgent attention.  As a medical practitioner, weighing things should still be the best decision to make as of now.

If colloidal hydrosol is proven effective in treating cancer, then it is the volition of the patient to try it.

But the most intelligent move as always is to consult your doctor’s advice before taking the drug. Allergies are something that we don’t want to have especially if its drug induced.  Soon, the promise of colloidal hydrosol to treat cancer and other diseases will be proven either ways. If it turned out to be good, i think we have more than an antibiotic superhero in our super drug lists.

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