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Benefits of weight loss! 16 pairs of pants too big and going away!

It's a great feeling to see your scale weight go down and your clothes becoming lose fitting!

It's even better when you go through your closet and pull 16 pairs of pants that are too big to wear!

My wife has been asking me for some time to go through my closet and pull fall/winter clothes that don't fit me anymore. I'm not a big fan of going through my closet but I have to say this time was much better than I thought.


The past few weeks have been crazy. I haven't seen much change on the scale weight but my measurements are getting better every week. has been a great way to exercise without requirements for gym equipment or a membership. I exercise at home in front of my computer.

Coming soon

I've been working on completing a daily schedule, shopping checklists and more.

Stay tuned and soon I'll go shopping to replace my wardrobe!

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