How to be healthy overview

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To me “being healthy” is doing the right things daily to live a long life! I want to be an active centurion or someone who lives past a hundred years of age! I've struggled with my weight since the late 90's but luckily my weight isn't totally out of control. I'm like a lot of people who could lose 20lbs and I need to exercise more! My biggest challenge is making time for exercise! I tend to put other priorities in front of exercise and I'm changing that!

Below I outline some ideas and things I've learned from my past. I've read numerous books, tried numerous diets, tried numerous workouts and own thousands of dollars of exercise equipment! After all these journeys I've found out the answer to health and weight management is so simple it's very hard in today's world:
“Only eat foods in their natural state and get 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily.”

I'm not a health care expert but I hope you find some ideas and inspiration in the information below to find your way to better health!

Get your weight under control!

If you get the chance to read Blue Zones I'd highly suggest it! It's not a weight lose book but it talks about “zones” around the world where a large percentage of the people live to over 100 years of age. They then interview them and study the area. I can't begin to type all the results here but so often their diet is based on foods from the earth near their natural state. Next they naturally get exercise daily tending to their gardens or livestock or up the small mountain to get water for the day! It's been a real eye opener for me to realize these people live a very basic, slow paced life and they are living much longer than Americans on their busy “fast food” lives!

Get some exercise!

Don't over complicate matters, do what works for you to get exercise daily! I've joined the gym, bought a treadmill for home, purchased jogging shoes, purchased DVD's for home work outs etc. All of these work IF they work for you daily. I found it wasn't the type of exercise but I had to make it my number 1 daily priority when I got up and not make time later in the day! Get an iPod and take a long walk daily, avoid elevators and take the steps, park a long ways from the mall/office/church and force yourself to walk more!

Take the right supplements!

Be careful hoping there is a “magic pill” or supplement that will help you lose weight quickly. Also remember being healthy and eating healthy are more important that rapid weight loss. If you are at a point where you consume a lot of diet drinks, eating boxed and processed “low fat” foods then you will need supplements more to get your immune system in balance and clean out your system of these toxins.

It's been proven many people have a build up of 20-30lbs of toxins from processed foods!

Balance your Immune System
It's all about Balance. No one supplement will do everything. I started taking Immune26 in 2002 to test it for my daughters excema. I felt so much better I started taking it and my wife and kids still take it to this day!

Click here to see how to balance your immune system, get anti-aging products and a weight management system!

Basic Rules for weight management

  1. Consume fewer calories than you burn
    Americans have become used to eating large meals many times a day and wonder why they are over weight. It's likely you can survive on 1/2 or less than you eat now but your mind will tell you different. Don't starve yourself simply convince yourself you can eat less and survive!
  2. Get some basic exercise 3-5 times a week
    You don't need to run out and buy a lot of equipment, simply walk fast, get aerobic video's or something that gets your heart rate going for 20-30 minutes. Turn your metabolism on HIGH!
    BUY the POWER90 DVD workout and all you need is a TV!
  3. Avoid the Six Whites:
    White Flour (White Bread, crackers, rolls, pastries)
    Sugar (Candy, Soda Pop, etc)
    Potatoes (Whole potatoes are ok it's the processed chips and fries that are killers!)
    White Rice
    Banana's (One a day is ok but don't over do it!)
    White Oils (Hydrogenated, High fat)
  4. Eat foods as close to their natural state
    Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish are far better than pre-packaged, prepared, fast food meals.

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