MMS Jim Humble and the Master Mineral Solution

When I was researching the benefits of CBD Hemp Oil I came across MMS Jim Humble and his book MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDEBOOK on Amazon (removed, see below). At the time I was very intrigued by the mineral solution and the testimonials surrounding it. But what really got my attention was the controversy.

I've learned in my life if something has a lot of controversy, there must be reason to investigate further!

So I purchased the book and at the time it was $50, much more than most books but I felt worth the investment.

The book sat on my shelf for months and I moved a few months later so life was too busy to read it. One day I was looking through my bookshelf and the book literally fell and hit my foot. I thought this must be a sign and I need to read it!

Update June 2019: A few months ago a scientist visited Africa and did is own private research of how MMS works. He wanted to see for himself and his team was amazed! BUT the video got banned from YouTube, started a wave of false news about “people being told to drink industrial bleach.” This went on for weeks with people posting the positive results from using MMS. But it didn't help, all MMS books were removed from Amazon so you can only purchase them directly from their authors.

I've had great results and never a problem with MMS. People blow so much out of proportion. MMS is made up of two minerals from the earth. A couple of drops are diluted into a glass of water and it can be used to help so many ailments.

I can see how the proponents pushed this too far as a “Miracle Cure” but there are so many years of proof. We've become a world where we don't believe anything or any cure is challenged if there aren't studies to prove it? Who do you think pays for studies? The people who plan to profit from it!

I'm attracted to the natural supplements with the most controversy, there must be a reason why!

MMS Jim Humble Book Review

MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDEBOOK Jim Humble is more of a “guidebook” on how to take MMS. The protocols for different types of illnesses or ailments.

Chapter 1 is about Getting Started. There's a definition of terms, the who, what, where, when and why MMS works.

Chapter 2 are safety precautions but don't worry, it's pretty common sense. Don't overdo it and be stupid. The minerals and solutions are no different than any other cleaning supply you'd have under your sink or solution in your medicine cabinet.

Chapters 3 and beyond go step by step on how to mix, activate and consume MMS. The key is to start slowly and progress into the full dosage. Depending upon how much inflammation, pathogens, and viruses are in your body, it will determine how you react. BUT don't worry this is what you want MMS to take care of!

MMS Jim Humble

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MMS Jim Humble Critics

As I mentioned, when I see something this powerful surrounded by critics, there must be something important! I agree many in the MMS community are too strong in saying things like MMS cures cancer, malaria, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more. Sure there are videos and written testimonials from around the world but you can't say things like that!

MMS doesn't cure any disease but…

Here's my view: MMS cleans your body of pathogens, viruses and bad bacteria that are plaguing your immune system. Also, know as “Inflammation.” Once your body is clear of these invaders, your immune system can go back to work as it should. So your immune system can naturally heal the major diseases!

As we go through life we pick up these bugs and they stick with us. Not enough to make us sick but enough to make us tired, groggy and worn out. Our muscles ache, joints hurt and we don't feel 100%. People assume it has to do with aging. I don't agree!

Imagine a mineral solution from mother earth that could cleanse you inside. Remove or reduce inflammation that is dragging you and your immune system down. If your immune system is busy fighting other fights, it has no time for cancer or other diseases that pops up when you are weak!

I believe MMS cleanses your body so you immune system has more strength to fight off disease and naturally heal! So indirectly MMS has healed major diseases for people world wide!

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MMS Jim Humble

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