The Blue Zones:Lessons for Living Longer….


Last fall I heard about the book Blue Zones from Dr Oz and it caught my attention when he said something like “humans often get too caught up with losing weight when they should concentrate more on living longer. By doing this they will naturally lose weight.”

That caught my attention, so I bought the book and was amazed.

For years I've read books, tried diets from low fat, to high carb etc.. and I knew my problem was consuming too much! I consumed more calories than I burned so I didn't lose any weight. I need to work out more and eat better!

Not to give away the book but it was so interesting to read about five zones around the world with the highest concentrations of people who live past 100!

Here are some of the main points to living a long life:

  • Low stress – don't let life consume you and stress you! Slow down and enjoy
  • Basic exercise daily – No need for high stress exercise, just get some daily, walk more, park farther away
  • Eat foods in their natural state – no processed or fast foods.  I know it sounds tough but read the book!
  • Eat meat in moderation – vegetables should be your number one food consumed
  • Dairy, eggs, fats are ok when they are natural and in moderation

All five locations are so different but have a lot in common and it's been quite an inspiration for me! I tell myself daily food is fuel not a treat!

Get a copy here at Amazon or your nearest bookstore!

The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest

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