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What I Love about the Raw Food Dietchocolate raw food diet

I grew up as a sickly chubby kid and never knew about the Raw Food Diet. Ice cream and chocolate bars were essentials of my childhood. They refused to leave my  moms refrigerator.  My mom’s friends would pinch my cheeks with an impression that fat is healthy.  But who can’t resist a soft chubby teddy bear waiting to be cuddled in the first place? However, what lies deep within those brown fats nurtured by my overfeeding parents are illnesses waiting for harvest time.

Until one day, I woke up 30 pounds heavier than my ideal weight plus a torn ACL secondary to overused knee ligament.

All because of the wrong choices of diet instilled to me as a child.

In my early 20’s I tried breaking up with my long time girlfriend named carbohydrates.

Which means  I have to say ‘adieu’ to rice, bread and cotton candies. I had severe episodes of chocolatey night mares during the first few weeks but I survived. The reason  why? I wanted to be simply healthy. I wanted to live a longer and more meaningful life. The diet is helping me shed those extra pounds until I went to the hospital for my annual general check-up. My laboratory result revealed I have high cholesterol.

The eggs, beef burger patties, buffalo wings and grilled pork tenderloin took  a toll in my health. I was a little depressed because this would be my second break up. I already fell in love with my new diet. But I can not go back to my old ways either. I need to find my lifetime partner this time. True to my word, I was able to find the one in the name of raw food diet.

Think of all natural, green, fresh, uncooked, low sodium goodies.

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Name all the cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables in botanical taxonomy, that comprises raw food diet. Raw foods limit the use of the microwave oven or the stove.  Heat destroys natural enzymes found in raw fruits and vegetables. These enzymes are necessary in serving as precursors to nutrient building and body detoxification.  Raw foods preserve all these elements and help the body combat major diseases.

My weight significantly dropped even further reaching my ideal weight in just a few months.

My cholesterol count became normal plus my good cholesterol is exceedingly at high levels. My blood pressure reading is normal even up to this day. I need not to worry about dietary supplements because raw foods contain high amounts of vitamins. I started feeling renewed each day. I feel my enzymes working properly in my digestion and other physiological processes in my body. And the best thing, I felt like I am really valued. My friends can’t help but noticed my glowing skin and integuments. Everyone knows I am in love with my new diet.

Have you observed how more and more people are getting ill these days?

Look around you. One of them might be a love one.  Or it could be you! Diabetes, Osteoarthritis,  Hypertension,  Hypercholesterolemia, Renal Stones, Cataract, Cancer.  They are everywhere! They are like the walking dead zombies waiting to attack the next prey.  It is really scary! And the number of people affected poses a  threat to rise even more in the coming years ahead.

But be not afraid. The raw food diet, if introduced properly to them ,will stop these dreaded trend.  It is about time to step up and save our ourselves, family and friends from the trap of commercialized gastronomy. The same foods that the social and private media promotes are the same culprit that send this generation to the ICU.

I grew up as a a chubby kid. I loved french fries and pizzas as an adult. But one thing is for sure, I will not end up dying obese with ketchup stains in my white shirt. All because of my true love in raw food diet.

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