We've added a community to LifeIsTooBusy.com!
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We’ve added a community to LifeIsTooBusy.com!

What is a community?

It's groups of similar people following forums with similar topics! Think of it this way: we have a website with pages and a blog with news/updates but we added a private community like you have with Facebook!

LifeIsTooBusy.com has always been about Happiness, Health and Abundance in life and now we want to launch our integrated community for members to interact, share ideas/experiences and succeed together!


My inspiration for this is the fact I've lost 20lbs in the past 10 weeks and gained over 5lbs of muscle without any crazy diets. I'm not starving myself and only workout 3 times a week 16 minutes per workout! Stay tuned for more!

We are looking for “early adopters” who want to join groups on Happiness, Health and Abundance. You can join one group or all three and inside each group are forums to create topics of discussion.

If you prefer to just watch the emails do nothing and we'll send a couple updates per week as we finalize content in and around the website and I'll detail more of my “rapid fat loss” over the past 10 weeks.

Become a member free!

To become a member of our community visit: https://LifeIsTooBusy.com/register

Facebook members can use their current account to login to our community!

If you are ready “NOW” to learn more about the 4 Hour Body start reading here: https://lifeissoamazing.com/health/four-hour-body/

Email [email protected] with specific questions!

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