Green Smoothie Nutribullet Recipe to Lose Weight and Improve Health - Life is so Amazing!
Life is so Amazing!
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Green Smoothie Nutribullet Recipe to Lose Weight and Improve Health

For years I've tested many Nutribullet Recipes and recently we ordered our third Nutribullet Pro Blender. Currently I'm drinking two Green Smoothies a day and my health continues to improve while I'm losing weight. A great balance between Happiness, Health and Abundance!

My current recipe for the Nutribullet Green Smoothie

  • First you'll need a Nutribullet, I use the basic Gray model but the Pro and RX are amazing too 
  • Organic, fresh spinach from your local farmers market or grocery store
  • Carrots – I use the raw carrot with the skin
  • Celery – I use the tops, greens and hearts, nothing gets thrown away!
  • Mushrooms – Fresh not canned!
  • Cilantro or Parsley (gut health/cleansing)

I start by adding the items listed above to a large Nutribullet cup. Next add water to the max line and add:

To add a little “sweetness” because this is a “vegetable smoothie” I add:

Next blend and enjoy! The small amount of Stevia will amaze you and the taste is amazing! I create two of these at a time and take one with me for my mid-day meal.

Why no fruit?

This Green Smoothie Nutribullet Recipe has no fruit for specific reasons. When I'm trying to reduce weight and balance my blood sugar levels, I remove fruit from my diet. Some hear this and can't believe what I'm saying but there is a lot of research proving humans should only eat fruits from their area, when they are in season. Today we can go to our local grocery store, in the middle of winter and find fruits from all parts of the world!

The books The Four Hour Body and The Plant Paradox 

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both suggest that too much fructose from fruit, can be converted to body fat if they are extra calories.

That doesn't mean you're required to consume fruit and you're not going to fall apart! Just like fasting and cleansing, you need to go through periods without certain foods. I do have an avocado every day as well as an apple but no extra fruit at meal time.

What are your favorite Nutribullet Smoothie recipes or ingredients?

Comment below and let us know your favorite recipe and/or ingredients. As I write this I learned about the colon healing and cleansing using Senna. 

I've ordered the powder and plan to add to my Nutribullet Weight Loss Smoothies every day and I'll update you soon!

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