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Pour a glass of wine machine.. video

I love wine and gadgets but this one is over the top! As you watch the video county how many times you think the guy turns the handle to eventually get a glass of wine. I think I could have done it a lot

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Couple’s Radio Flyer turns heads on streets

I think this will bring back memories for everyone! Amazing what you can do with an old pickup!

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Cheetah gives safari-goers a perfect photo opportunity

Photoghers or adventure seekers will love this. Have you ever been on a photography trip hoping to get a good picture of an animal… how about a cheetah Could you have lasted 45 minutes looking a

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The coolest guy at the boat ramp

I love boating and water and I've been on some amazing boats before but nothing like this! Imagine no trailering your boat but a built in hauler!

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Amazing Christmas Light Show

Well the song may not be a Christmas song but the light show is amazing! If you know of others light shows post them here!

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No brakes 2 mile alpine coaster!

Whether you are a fun seeker or not hold on while you watch this video! It's the longest coaster in the world in Austria. It's a great way to use the ground underneath ski lifts and I've seen many before

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Self Employed and the Psychiatrist

To all the self employed people of the world, this will make you laugh

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A man who creates living creatures on the beach

We've all seen some amazing people and amazing inventions but this guy has topped them all.   Watch the video to see what I mean:   Would you have the patience or thought process to create anything

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Larry Griswold – A very talented man from many years ago!

This is a great video of Larry Griswold and his act from the days of black and white TV Larry has been inducted into the Divers Hall of Fame!

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