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Can Jim Humble MMS Supplement Drops Help to Cure Disease?

I recently came across the book . The book explains the healing power of the MMS Supplement or Master Mineral Solution. (Also known as “Magic Mineral Solution”) It lead me to his website and

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Intermittent Fasting, an overlooked secret to better health

Intermittent Fasting has been practiced around the world, across many religions for centuries. To this day certain cultures fast a day a week and others during holy times. Fasting is almost unheard of

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Green Smoothie Nutribullet Recipe to Lose Weight and Improve Health

For years I've tested many Nutribullet Recipes and recently we ordered our third Nutribullet Pro Blender. Currently I'm drinking two Green Smoothies a day and my health continues to improve while I'm losing

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5 Superfoods for Weight Loss

In just 30 Seconds a Day, You Can Supercharge Your Life, Restore Glowing Good Health and Feel Decades Younger! When you think about improving your health I'm sure diet and exercise come into mind. Maybe

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Sungazing for Weight Loss and Increased Energy

Discover the power of sun gazing for weight loss and longevity I was amazed and intrigued when I watched documentary about sungazing on GAIA TV. I learned sun gazing is nothing new and has been practiced

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Natural foods to replace supplements

Did you know you can eat certain foods to replace supplements! How many supplements do you take every day? Americans spend over $1.5 billion on dietary supplements and vitamins each year. Walk into any

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What is the Bone Broth Diet?

If you've heard the recent buzz and attention around the and wondered why? The answer is simple BONE BROTH WORKS!  Bone broth has been around for centuries used to heal sickness and

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Your intentions and the new year

The new year is almost upon us. Right now is a time for rest, renewal and refining your intentions for the new year. If you do nothing and let life happen to you, you will be part of someone

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[Nutribullet] Give the gift of health this holiday season

I'm often asked what is the best way to get started on improving health and longevity. Some people are looking for the best, most effective supplements. Some ask if organic, paleo, gluten free, etc is

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It’s Here! Life-Changing Foods To Protect You And Your Family

Get Your Copy of Life-Changing Foods Today!  About a year ago we wrote about the a book by Anthony William. His second book goes into more detail about the foods that heal your body! Learn

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